Sanlam Limited (Sanlam) is a provider of financial services based in South Africa. The company, through its subsidiaries offers a wide range of banking and financial solutions to individual and corporate customers across South Africa and other international markets. Its portfolio of products and services include retirement products, life and disability cover, unit trusts and private investments.

Diversified product and service portfolio

A diversified portfolio of product and service helps the company to serve customer needs. It provides life and general insurance products and services including personal accident plans, investment and savings plan, retirement annuity plans, employee benefits plans, capital retention plans, family income benefit plans, health plans for trauma and dread disease and auto plans among others./p>

Strong operating performance

The company displayed strong operating performance in FY2012 during which it recorded revenues of US$12.25 billion, with an annual growth of 63.20% over FY2011 and at a CAGR of 45.62% during 2008–12. The company reported operating income of US$1.36 billion in FY2012, an annual increase of 15.61% over US$1.17 billion in FY2011. Its net income also grew by 9.46% on an annual basis from US$714.56 million in FY2011 to US$782.20 million in FY2012. Therefore, strong operating performance helps enhance investors’ confidence and improve the growth prospects for the company.

Improved cash position

The company maintains strong cash position to meet its day-to-day obligations. Its cash and cash equivalents increased from US$ 9.11 billion in FY2011 to US$9.87 billion in FY2012, representing an increase of 8.39%. Increased cash and cash equivalents may improve the working capital requirements of the company, which in turn helps in improving the company's operations.