STAR Assurances

STAR Assurances is the leader of the Tunisian Insurance market as provider of motor and health insurance services in the market. The company was founded in 1958 and covers today 17.5% of the market share.

With a working force of 691 employees they provide multibranch insurance and reinsurance for life and non-life benefits. Through cooperation with 16 branches, 168 agents and 34 brokers, they service the market.

In 2008 Groupama was introduced into STAR’s capital as a strategic partner. In 2012 STAR’s obtained the conformity certification to the MSI 20000 standard form the Institut de la Bourse de Paris.

As leader of the the Tunisian insurance market, STAR Assurances has to offer a wide range of life and non-life products, especially for Health and Life Employee Benefits. With their experienced teams they can provide competitive offers with short payment claims deadlines.