Jul 12, 2021

A Network Member in the Spotlight - Issue #14 Nationale-Nederlanden

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Let's hand over the pen to our main contact at Nationale-Nederlanden, Margit Bijsterbosch, so she can tell us more about her experience with the Insurope team.  

FIVE QUESTIONS TO “A Network Member in the Spotlight”

What is your role at Nationale-Nederlanden?

As a marketeer, my main focus is to understand customer expectations and use these insights to improve the customer journey for employers. Being internationally oriented, I was asked to also take on pooling when I joined Nationale-Nederlanden in 2016. My role is to promote pooling, both externally as internally. While I work more on the commercial side, we also have a great technical team: Huug Eckstein and Otman Klai, who have been joined last year by Hans Martens and Ingrid Mulder-Kurstjens. Huug is retiring in the Fall, after 49 years with Nationale-Nederlanden and its predecessors, and 34 years of working with Insurope! Who also has been involved with Insurope for a long time, is Harry van der Zwan. He represents Nationale-Nederlanden as the Chairman of both the ExCom and Board of Directors.

Who is your primary contact at Insurope?
Until last year, it was Pete Regan (with his sidekick Olga), but after Malcolm Penny’s retirement Diego Poncelet took over the Dutch market. So Diego is now my main contact, but of course, we work closely with almost everyone on the sales team and many staff members.

Two words that would best describe your collaboration with the Insurope team? Feel free to explain why.
Connection is the first word that comes to mind. Through Insurope’s strong network, we are connected to so many insurers, companies, and brokers globally. These connections not only help us commercially but also to understand what is going on elsewhere in the insurance world. The Insurope team is the linking pin that connects us all. The other word is support. Everyone is always willing to help and very supportive as we work towards our common goal.

What is most enjoyable about working with Insurope?
The most enjoyable about working with Insurope are the people on its team. Everyone is proactive, always willing to help, and very accessible. That ease of communication combined with long-term relationships make for a very fruitful cooperation.

What is your best memory at an Insurope event?
Every event offers an excellent opportunity to connect with Insurope staff, international brokers, and network members from around the world. So every event so far has been a great experience!

Thank you Margit!