Oct 14, 2021

A Network Member in the Spotlight - Issue #16 Mandatum

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Let's hand over the pen to our main contact at Mandatum, Riitta Jokelainen, so she can tell us more about her experience with the Insurope team. 

FIVE QUESTIONS TO “A Network Member in the Spotlight”

What is your role at Mandatum?
I am working in the major clients unit and manage the co-operation with the network partners, and I am also responsible for the co-operation with the brokers. In addition, I have a client portfolio to take care of. I have been working at Mandatum for 14 years and have enjoyed it very much.

Who is your primary contact at Insurope?
Tom Hasselblatt is my primary contact and, since he is also located in Finland and speaks Finnish, the co-operation is very easy and smooth. He knows the life insurance market and clients in Finland very well; therefore, working with him has always been very plain and simple. 

Two words that would best describe your collaboration with the Insurope team? Feel free to explain why.
Determined and sophisticated. The marketing and business operations are planned well, which gives good results in the long run. Also, the sophisticated way to develop and take advantage of all modern web and IT systems is very effective. 

What is most enjoyable about working with Insurope?
To meet colleagues worldwide, share knowledge and best practices, and enjoy the excellent team spirit during all meetings.

What is your best memory at an Insurope event?
The General Assembly and Client Symposium in Montreal in 2012 was a very memorable event. After that, there have also been many pleasant meetings in various nice locations.

Thank you, Riitta!