Multipool result 2018

Fri, 29/11/2019



Insurope is delighted to announce a 10.1% dividend result for 2018. 

Multipool, Insurope’s multi-employer pooling system has over time produced a very good and stable result. The average dividend payout ratio the last 5 years is 8.4% while it has been 15.5% the last 10 years. 

Combined with a stop loss protection and high free cover levels, the Multipool product is considered to be the best product in the market for small and mid-sized multinational companies. 

A significant advantage of Insurope’s Multipool is that it incorporates high rating (or pooling) limits, even for small groups, and therefore it pools more premium than other multi-employer pool products. This generates greater potential for cost reduction. The Multipool product also provides an attractive level of network free cover (level of coverage offered by Insurope member insurers without any medical evidence). The global free cover for death and disability will increase to EUR 1,000,000 from 2020 while the limit for disability pension will be increased to EUR 75,000.