NEW Corporate Covid-19 (Poolable) Product - GNP Mexico

Fri, 24/04/2020


NEW Corporate Covid-19 (Poolable) Product - Grupo Nacional Provincial (GNP) - Mexico


GNP has just launched a supplemental product for group plans, specifically aimed to provide support to employees and their beneficiaries in case of hospitalization and/or death caused by Covid-19. This product must be implemented by the Company, and premiums must be paid by the Company (and not the employee). 

As you may know, GNP does not exclude Covid-19. This disease is covered under both the group life and major medical products. The Corporate Covid-19 is an additional coverage for the employees. 

What does this new product cover?

  1. Death coverage as a result of Covid-19: lump sum to be defined by the client (Company) from MXN 10,000 up to MXN 100,000. If the client already has the group life with GNP, this lump sum is additional to the lump sum from the group life plan.

  2. Hospitalization and/or serious illness:  lump sum to be defined by the client (Company) from MXN 10,000 up to MXN 50,000.  

    • Hospitalization: employee is hospitalized for more than 48 hours due to Covid-19 

    • Diagnosis of serious illness: in case the employee is diagnosed with a serious disease such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, myocardial infarction, chronic renal failure, paralysis, then a compensatory payment will be granted.

      3. Assistance

    • Telemedicine for employees

    • Telemedicine for pets

    • In-house medical assistance

    • Ambulance in case of emergency

    • Tele-school: for elementary school only and to provide support to the children and parents

    • Monthly delivery of supplies – if officially diagnosed with Covid-19

    • Employee Assistance via telephone - psychological and/or nutritional 

    • Funeral assistance


Please reach out to or for additional information.


Stay healthy!


Sylvia M. Alvariño

Director Americas


Insurope Services, Inc.