New Insurope Network Members in Africa: Sanlam Pan Africa

Mon, 03/02/2020


New Insurope Network Members in 26 countries in Africa: Sanlam Pan Africa

Insurope is pleased to announce that Sanlam Pan Africa has now joined the Insurope Network as a new member offering local employee benefits solutions for 26 countries (23 group risk and 18 health) in Africa. This strengthens Insurope’s capabilities in meeting the needs of multinational clients for a regional approach on the African continent.

Sanlam Pan Africa is the Sanlam Group’s business cluster for financial services in Africa (excluding South Africa).  The Group has been the official Insurope Network Member in South Africa since 1974 and is a leading diversified, pan-African financial services provider that was established as a life insurance company over 100 years ago. The group has a business presence in 33 countries in Africa.

With a history of strong corporate client relationships, Sanlam’s footprint, experience and technical expertise enables it to provide financial services solutions to corporations with a presence in Africa.


Through the following local businesses of Sanlam Pan Africa, Insurope will be able to provide its clients with locally admitted employee benefit schemes in:


Angola: Saham Angola Seguros
Benin: Saham Assurance Vie Bénin
Botswana: Botswana Life Insurance
Burkino Faso: Saham Assurance Vie  Burkina Faso
Cameroon: Saham Life Insurance Cameroon
Ivory Coast: Saham Assurance Vie Côte d’Ivoire
Gabon: Saham Assurance Vie Gabon
Ghana: Saham Life Insurance Ghana
Kenya: Sanlam Life Insurance
Madagascar: Saham Assurance Madagascar
Malawi: NICO Life Insurance
Mali: Saham Assurance Vie Mali
Morocco: Saham Assurance Maroc
Mozambique: Sanlam Seguro de Vida
Namibia: Sanlam Life Insurance
Nigeria: FBN Insurance
Rwanda: Sanlam Life Insurance
Senegal: Saham Assurance Vie Senegal
Tanzania: Sanlam Life Insurance
Togo: Saham Assurance Vie Togo
Uganda: Sanlam Life Insurance
Zambia: Sanlam Life Insurance
Zimbabwe: Zimnat Life Assurance


Angola: Saham Angola Seguros
Benin: Saham Assurance Bénin
Burkino Faso: Saham Assurance  Burkina Faso
Cameroon: Saham Assurance  Cameroon
Congo Brazzaville: Saham Assurance  Congo
Ivory Coast: Saham Assurance Côte d’Ivoire
Gabon: Saham Assurance Gabon
Guinea Conakry: Saham Assurance Guinée
Kenya: Sanlam General Insurance
Madagascar: Saham Assurance Madagascar
Mali : Saham Assurance Mali
Morocco: Saham Assurance Maroc
Niger: Saham Assurance Niger
Rwanda: Sanlam General Insurance
Senegal: Saham Assurance Sénégal
Togo: Saham Assurance Togo
Uganda: Sanlam Life Insurance
Zambia: Sanlam Life Insurance

Sanlam Pan Africa offers multinationals a single entry point into Africa and can coordinate quotations for all countries and implementation of locally admitted schemes via one central team.

Local employee benefit plans written in the above-mentioned countries will be on a non-pooled basis in 2020, as the option to pool is subject to further individual analysis of the in-country regulatory framework and limitations. However, business placed with the Sanlam Pan Africa companies can be program reported in the pools if activities are coordinated through Insurope.

Insurope is looking forward to the cooperation with Sanlam Pan Africa!

For further information please contact:

Deborah Barnes
Sanlam Pan Africa
2 Strand Road
Cape Town, 7530
South Africa

+27 21 947 5530