Insurope - Carry forward

Unlimited Loss Carry forward

An Unlimited Loss Carry Forward (ULCF) pool allows for any loss produced at the end of a pooling period to be carried forward until it is recovered from future surpluses.

Insurope’s Unlimited Loss Carry Forward basis incorporates two mechanisms to limit losses being carried forward:

Loss Cancellation Level

    • The maximum amount of loss that can be carried forward at the end of the pooling period. This is a multiple of risk premiums and linked to the size of the pool. Any loss above this level will be written off by the Insurope Network Members.
    • To provide additional flexibility the standard level can be adjusted to reflect a client’s specific requirements.

Pool Rating Limit

    • The maximum amount of benefit per individual that can be included in the pool. This helps reduce volatility from highly benefited individuals. Full cover is maintained locally, it is only the pooled amount that is restricted.


To be eligible for Unlimited Loss Carry Forward Basis a total of 1,000 lives insured for death or disability, and a minimum of one or more employee benefit plans in two or more countries is required.


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