Insurope - Multipool


Insurope’s market leading multi-employer arrangement is available for clients

  • Who do not qualify for a self experience rated pool, or;
  • Who wish to use the unique dividend payment process available.

Multipool pays a dividend when the combined sum of the positive results from all multipool plans is greater than the negatives. This surplus is converted to a percentage pay out compared to the sum of all positive results. This dividend percentage is then applied to all positive country results in each client’s pool.

The advantage for clients is that even if the overall result for their own Pool is a loss, they will still receive dividends for their countries which produced a surplus.

Multipool is run on a Stop Loss basis, so in any year when an overall loss has been made this is written off by the Insurope Network Members. 

To qualify for Multipool a client must have at least one “Poolable” group contract with an Insurope Network Member and one other “Group” plan, poolable or not. There is no minimum number of lives.

There is a maximum of 1,500 lives and €400,000 premium for participation in Multipool. When both these limits are exceeded a self experience rated basis must be selected.


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