Why Insurope?

Insurope - Why Insurope?

Insurope is one of the leading multinational networks in the world and it is recognized as a strong multinational pooling network with a high service standards, flexible solutions and strong local Network Members. The vision of Insurope is to be the network of choice for multinational companies in managing their employee benefit programs worldwide.

About Insurope

Insurope Network is a network of independent insurance companies which are providing employee benefit services to multinational companies across the world. The core of Insurope's activity is multinational pooling, a system linking employee benefits together for multinational companies .

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Benefits of Insurope

Due to the partnership between local experts in employee benefits, Insurope is able to use that local knowledge and its global expertise to the advantage of its clients in flexible solutions. Through Insurope, clients have access to reporting, information, higher potential returns and favourable terms and conditions.

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