Benefits of Insurope

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Benefits of Insurope

Global expertise and local knowledge

Insurope’s core activity is to provide international solutions through multinational pooling programs. With more than 50 years of experience Insurope has valuable experience and knowledge in helping our 700 multinational clients with managing their employee benefit programs worldwide. Insurope helps to coordinate more than 4,200 local benefit plans worldwide, and provide access to local expertise through our Network Members.


Local strenghts

Insurope was founded by six insurance companies in the mid 1960’s and now has Network Members which represent more than 100 countries and territories. As the owners of Insurope, all Network Members have a vested interest in its development and success. The average membership of the Network Members is 20 years with over 50% being members of Insurope for more than 25 years. The local Network Members have strong positions in their local markets, and Insurope is recognized for having some of the best Network Members in each country. All partners are Employee Benefit Insurance specialists and have a dedicated Insurope Coordinator who will oversee the administration of the local benefit plans which are included in the Multinational Program. Through the coordinators, the clients will have direct access to expertise and support.


Flexible solutions

Insurope coordinates and facilitates a wide range of pooling products and solutions to all segments of the market. The main products are:

* Multipool, which  is offered to multinational companies with less than 1 500 lives, and

* Stand Alone Pool, which is offered to multinational companies with more than 1 000 lives

Clients can select a variety of risk protection solutions, and multinational companies benefit from several important product features. As part of the Multinational Program and solutions , Insurope provides support and information, administration, technical reporting and facilitation of activities between multinational companies/consultants and local Network Members.


Information, reporting and service

Through the Insurope Multinational Network, clients have access to products and services worldwide through local insurance partners. In addition to obtain improved cost control and cash flow, clients benefit from worldwide administration and information of their employee benefit plans. Multinational clients receive service and reporting from the Insurope global account management team, while local service and administration is carried out by the local insurance companies. Insurope serves as a facilitator and coordinator between the multinational clients and the local insurance companies, and provides comprehensive reporting and access to information of the pooled employee benefit plans worldwide.


Favourable terms and conditions

Through the Insurope network, member companies can offer several advantages to their multinational clients: 

* Global free cover limits, which determine the level of coverage offered by the Insurope Network Partners without medical evidence.

* Global rating limits, which protect the profit & loss account from high individual claims and are designed to provide an optimum balance between protection of the pool results and an increase in the overall amount of premium available for generating dividends.

* Administration charge, which represents the cost for the local administration of the insured benefit plan included in the pooling system. Charges are governed by an Insurope world wide scale.


Higher potential returns

By consolidating the insured employee benefits with Insurope Network Members worldwide, Insurope is able, through a better spread of risk, to provide the multinational company with a multinational profit & loss account. Through multinational pooling, multinational companies can achieve both financial and administrative benefits. Insurope’s Multipool has generated an average payout rate of 26% over the last 25 years, and between 60-70% of all pools generates a surplus and dividend payout to the multinational clients.