Care Plus Part of Bupa

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TRANSPARENCY: Online claim rate reports allow fast identification of trends, life quality, prevention strategies and claim control solutions. Care Plus Part of Bupa constantly monitors the satisfaction of members, client managers, brokers and providers though surveys conducted by their Research and Quality unit creating a client retention rate of over 90%.

AGILITY: Care Plus Part of Bupa is the only operator in the Brazilian market to have a Service Level Agreement to meet deadlines for refunds, authorizations and prepayment processes. In cases of non-compliance, Care Plus Part of Bupa guarantees the payment of a bonus to the member.

INNOVATION: An important part of their DNA, Care Plus Part of Bupa invests in technology to make day to day contacts easier, simpler and smarter.

PREDICTABILITY: Thorough pricing and management has allowed Care Plus Part of Bupa’s claim rate to remain the lowest in the market over the years. A fraud control department monitors and tracks all internal processes, providers, procedures and requests looking for ways to limit losses. Their claims department ensures on-site audits of bills and surgical procedures. High-cost and complex cases are referred to a medical board composed of renowned physicians to guarantee greater security and outcomes for the member and client.