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Local strengths

Strong market position

Manulife is one of the leading insurance companies in Hong Kong. The company had more than 1.8 million clients as on December 31, 2013. The company is the second leading provider of mandatory provident funds (MPF) in Hong Kong. Manulife’s MPF platform is considered to be one of the most comprehensive in Hong Kong market.

Strong distribution network

The company’s strong distribution network ensures top-line performance. Manulife distributes its products through a multi channel distribution network consisting of more than 5,300 agents, brokers, independent financial advisors and financial institutions. Manulife also distributes products through banks and other independent distribution partners.

Broad product portfolio

The broad product portfolio helps the company  serve a wide range of customers. The company provides a broad range of life insurance products. Its portfolio of insurance products includes individual insurance, group life and health insurance and investment-linked insurance products. The company also provides wealth management products, provident funds, mutual funds, pensions and investment funds, investment-linked assurance products.